Home Automation For Time And Money Saving

Are You Know Home Automation Save Your Time And Money ?

Home automation ideas abound in cyberspace today. You can buy any number of books and articles that explain the ins and outs of setting up your very own home automation system. But when you are trying to come up with your own unique automation system, there are some very important considerations that you will need to think about before you start the process. Here are some home automation ideas that you may find useful.

Retail Climate Control

Whether you are setting up a new store or retrofitting an old one, automation will save you a lot of time and money by making sure that your products arrive on time and that they are in top condition at all times. From refrigeration and food service to cold storage and cleaning, automation is a great money saving idea for any business. If you have ever wondered how well your current climate control system works, you may want to turn to automation to help you out.

Security and Lighting

Automations have long been a mainstay component of security systems. With the advances in the wireless internet for security, automation is turning into even smarter home security. Now, you have touch screen security monitors that have actual buttons that will activate the lighting in your home. With this type of smart technology, you no longer have to guess which buttons your lights are going to turn on next, which saves you time and money, which are always a big plus.


Today’s intelligent devices are able to offer much more than just watching TV. Thanks to the advancements in automation, you are also able to purchase smart home entertainment devices that allow you to experience all sorts of media at home. These devices are able to let you watch videos, play music, control the sound volume, and much more. All of these functions can be controlled remotely through your computer or smartphone.

Voice Recognition

Another advancement in smart speakers is the voice recognition feature. With this technology, a computer will recognize a spoken phrase by itself and then play back that phrase as the speaker says it. For example, if I say I love you to my significant other, and then she speaks the phrase to me, the computer will say, “I love you, Linda.” Then, if I need a cup of coffee, the device will automatically microwave the coffee and offer me a cup. These are only a few examples of how voice recognition devices are used in the home automation world.

Home Intruder Alarm Systems

Alarms are a major component of security systems, and one of the most cutting-edge innovations in home automation is the installation of an Alexa assistant. This intelligent voice command system will allow homeowners to remotely arm or disarm their security systems in times of high risk and even call the police in case of emergencies. For example, if my teenage son’s friends come over to his house at 2am, my assistant will say, “Call for David.” The Alexa will then call him and dispatch the police over the Internet wirelessly.

Color Dimmer

Certain colors of light are better than others when it comes to making sure you don’t accidentally turn lights red during the day. Home automation experts say certain colors of light are much better at masking the redness from your incandescent bulbs. Certain colors of light are even better at masking the heat from fluorescent tubes. Certain colors of light are even better at masking the UV rays from sunlight. The Alexa can adjust its setting so that it only turns lights red when it’s actually necessary to do so. This is one of the many new features of the Aptware Home Automation Suite that was recently reviewed.

And just imagine how easy it would be to light up a specific area such as the front door with only a few motions. Say you want to light up the kitchen sink but you’re standing on the pathway to the front door. You could simply say, “Hey, I’m leaving the house.” And then say the light strip behind you will automatically go on and illuminate the kitchen sink for you.

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