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When it comes to Home Automation ideas for a more secure and safer place, many brands provide home security systems for affordable monthly fees. Smart ideas are all the rage with home owners today because of their security benefits and convenience. With home automation, you have the ability to set lighting timers, adjust the temperature, control room temperatures and more, all with the push of a button. In addition, automation ideas allow you to monitor security in and around your home.


Lighting Automation forĀ  Home Security

One of the best home automation ideas out there is smart lighting automation. This technology offers consumers the ability to control lighting in ways they never thought possible. Smart lighting can be used on blinds, tables, or just about anywhere in the home to give you maximum convenience and safety. Installing smart lighting automation in your home can really make a difference in the comfort and safety of your family.

Many people choose to use LED lights around the exterior of their home for added visibility and safety. Other security ideas that work around the home include an oscillating motion detector light for the driveway and yard, a driveway gate that opens and closes, lights at the front and back of the house, and a porch light that switches on at night time. These types of lights can also be automatically turned on during the night time, saving you money on your electric bill. You also won’t miss those late night trips outside since the lights will turn themselves off, too.


Window Treatments For Home Security And Privacy

Privacy is a huge concern for those who want to feel safe and secured in their home or place of business. Installing window treatments that automatically roll up or down, providing total privacy, is one way to add peace of mind while also boosting the value of your home. These are generally called shades. There are other options such as adding security system locks, valances, or drapes that provide a high level of privacy as well. Window shades can provide an affordable way to enhance the privacy of your windows while still providing a quick, easy way to brighten up the room and add beauty.

Another home automation ideas is to have new windows installed that automatically open, each morning, allowing for more sunlight into your home and ensuring that your rooms stay cool during the summer months. These include new window shades, blinds, or shades that automatically roll up or down for complete sun protection. Installing solar light kits that automatically adjust themselves to provide natural light throughout the day is another smart idea for increasing the overall brightness of your home. Having natural light enters through the windows reduces energy costs but at the same time provides you with bright, comfortable rooms throughout the day.


Energy Management System

There are also several security system home automation ideas that allow you to protect your home with a simple touch on your smartphone. These include keypad controls to open and close your garage door, your front door, or your windows, which are connected to a keypad in your home. In the event that you should lose track of your keys or forget to arm your alarm system when you leave your home, you can immediately start to beep your way into your house, alerting anyone who might be out of the house. This feature also provides you with an emergency contact number so that you can contact your security company immediately.

Of all the smart ideas on the market today, the best security feature is definitely lighting. Security lights automatically turn on for the duration of the period that you have set them to. You can set the lights to turn off after one hour, two hours, or three hours if you are away from your house. This not only adds to safety, but it also adds value to your property, because if you ever decide to move, you can easily take your home lighting with you.

The third type of security idea worth mentioning is to outfit your television with an energy management system. An energy management system will allow you to reduce your energy consumption while also making sure that you have the most efficient viewing experience possible. To achieve this, your television’s circuit breaker panel must be equipped with a smart fob. This smart fob will enable your television to conserve energy whenever it isn’t being used, saving you money on your energy bill as well as helping to conserve energy.

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