Smart Home Design Smarten Up Your Life

Smart Home Design is moving into high gear, with manufacturers such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft all pushing hard into the smart home space. With homes going up around the world, high-tech gadgets are a common accessory. However, integrating smart home features with existing home electronics can help to create a smarter home experience. In this article we’ll look at the types of connected home app, how they work, and which types are best suited for your particular lifestyle. If you’re looking to smarten up your life, but aren’t sure what that means, keep reading!

Smart Home Design: What’s it all about?

Smart Home Design begins with total home integration. Home electronics such as televisions, surround sound systems, heating and cooling systems, security systems, etc. should all be integrated to provide a smart home experience.

The second step towards smart home design is integration between your devices and the home automation system. This could include things like: refrigerators with water dispensers, and dishwashers with washing machines. Your smart home designer may also help you with automation solutions for key points in your home. For instance, your chef might benefit from something like a smartphone or tablet, so he can preheat his meals before they get served. That makes things smart in more ways that one!

Connected Home

Another step towards smart home devices is to connect them to your electric company. For instance, you can install sensors that start charging your electric company on an off-chance that you forget to switch them off. There are smart home devices such as “smart bathroom” systems that show you when your water meter is full so that you don’t fill up within minutes of using the facilities. Or, there are smart home security devices that let you know if someone has entered the property by detecting motion or smoke. You can continue reading for more information on connected home systems.


When your lighting needs are best met by smart lighting control, LED grow lights are a great choice. These can be installed outdoors, which means that you won’t have to worry about wires or plugs. Additionally, LED lights are great for outdoor spaces, which means that you can enjoy exterior lighting while protecting the inside of your home. In addition, LED grow lights have very low heat dissipation, which means that your lighting will be cool even during hot weather, which means that you can enjoy extended use of your grow lights while avoiding the risk of burning your plants.

Smart Home Security

Finally, smart home devices that help protect your home include: motion detectors, burglar alarms and window and door sensors. These are the most common types of security devices that are used to help ensure that your home is safe and secure. Motion detectors can detect movement and are perfect for areas where there is no lighting. Burglar alarms work with cameras to monitor any entry into your property, while window and door sensors are installed to protect your interior as well as exterior of your home from forced entry. These smart home devices help you prevent crime from occurring, which makes them smart home automation systems.

Home Automation Systems

Of course, there are many other smart home technologies available. Home security and connected home automation systems are only two examples of smart technology designed to help keep you and your family safe. As mentioned before, the smart home devices and technologies are also becoming popular with the elderly. There are many assisted living facilities that use intelligent contact technology that helps seniors to communicate with caretakers, loved ones and their medical professionals. This kind of smart technology is becoming extremely popular for people who are elderly and cannot perform common tasks on their own, like taking medication.

So, before you invest in any smart home product or service, be sure to do your research. Be sure that the product or service you choose meets your personal needs. And be sure to always read the fine print.

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