What is Home Automation? A Closer Look

What is Home automation? Home automation is simply the automated management of various electronic devices at your home using various technologies. These devices are usually connected to the Internet, making them able to be remotely controlled. Home automation can even save you cash on electricity, heating and air-conditioning bills and makes life much easier. The Internet is a good starting point for researching this topic as it has already been widely embraced by most household electronics manufacturers.

If you are wondering what is Home Automation, one answer is that it is the automation of gadgets such as TV, refrigerator, TV set, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, etc. through the internet using your smart phone or tablet. This concept of what is Home Automation? is also supported by iot devices.

Are Know About  IoT devices ?

The IoT refers to any devices or systems that are remotely connected which can perform functions such as controlling lights, opening doors, providing temperature control and monitoring movements inside or outside of a building or home. These devices are usually controlled through wireless networks or sensors, or by using software or web applications. While some of these devices are capable of manual operation by the user, most use a remote user interface through which decisions about the status of a device can be made. These decisions are based on certain parameters such as current availability, charging status and availability of power.

With the growth of the IoT, we are seeing more devices being connected to one another, creating a mesh network that is composed of both automated and un-automated devices. Some examples of these meshes are mentioned below: An automated garage that turns lights on and off when cars enter or leave, a smoke detection system which senses fire or carbon monoxide levels in the home and sends an automated alarm or video to a central control who will then either alert authorities or switch off the lights. Another example is a sprinkler system, which sends out an activated signal when water levels rise in a room. Automated devices can also link to security cameras and alarms to create a more secure living space. To get started with using these intelligent systems, it is recommended you research how to implement and connect them to your environment.

Control Your Home With Your Voice

With iot devices, home automation systems are enabled through the use of Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo is basically a voice-recognition device, where it can recognize the user’s voice, sayings or just by speaking the phrase” Alexa” (smartphone equivalent). You will need to have an account from Amazon in order to use the Echo. When you do this, all your devices would have an access code, which you need to configure and enter into the computer (through the web interface) of your iot devices.

Basically, all iot smart home devices such as DVRs, refrigerators, dishwashers, cameras etc are controlled with voice. You may think that this is possible using web cams but it’s not. The reason is that due to low bandwidth and long distances, iot devices require extra hardware. Web cams can work fine as long as you don’t forget to switch the graphics off.

Home Automation Can Controlled Through a Web Interface

Another example is your water heater. Yes, your water heater is controlled through a web interface. With your iot smart plug in devices, you can control the temperature and pressure of your water. You can also set up timers if you’re planning to automate your shower. In other words, you can have your water heater automatically controlled according to when you plan to take a shower or when you want to have a bath.

Motion Sensor Work For You

One more example is your smart lighting system. iot devices can be used to create motion sensor lights for your exterior or inside. There are many iot smart home automation solutions available in the market such as iot spot lighting, iot dimmer lights, iot spot cameras and many more. Just by installing these devices, you can have a bright and healthy environment inside and outside your home.

For your convenience, you can have your front door automatically opened when you approach it from the front or when you open your front door. If your intelligent door sensor is installed, your sensor will sense any movement at the front door. Then, your iot smart bulb will light up and flash, so that anybody can see you and can then approach you.

Smart Home Controlled Remotely Too

Of course, these devices can be controlled by yourself, but they will only work if you’re home or at work. There’s no point of having your smart lights turn on when you’re not at home, right? So, what about your garage doors and patio lights? Yes, you can have them controlled remotely too. With iot devices, you can have your lights turn on or off based on the movement detected by your sensors. That’s why these appliances are so useful and smart – they help you make the most of technology and enhance your life in many ways.

What About Your Internet Connection?

These days, it’s not just smart phones and laptops that run on the internet anymore. Some people even have microwaves that they can control remotely. So, what about your garage remote control? Well, if you have internet connection, then you can operate the devices even when you’re not home. Just remember to turn the internet connection down when you’re not using your devices.

How about lights?

You can have your lights turn on at a certain time of day, or have your lights turn off at a certain time of day. There are also iot devices that can detect intruders and turn on lights or sirens. With these kinds of iot products, your security system will definitely know that there is an intruder, and thus will alert you. What’s more, you can have lights turn on at different intensities. For example, if you’re at home and you don’t have a security system, you can have your lights turn on with a high level of light.

Few Examples About What Is Home Automation?

These are just a few examples of what is Home automation? These devices can be controlled by intelligent systems, controlled remotely, and operated with a simple wireless protocols like Bluetooth. There are so many different smart devices available today. Some of these devices include; thermostat, lighting, cameras, security systems, cameras that can see in the dark, medical pumps, smoke detectors, and even toys. With all this technology, controlling these devices with wireless protocols like Bluetooth is now easier than ever before.

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